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Took some photos of AMAZING clouds the other day...the light is so clear and crisp at this time of the year. I think it's an equinox thing. The light seems to be clearer and crisper in Autumn and Spring. Sharp is probably a better word. Sharp light.

Sitting in my studio the other day before I took these photos, I needed a break from grappling with a painting. I tore some squares of sugar paper and started drawing what I could see of the sky from my studio windows. I just used blue pastels, pencil and charcoal. I haven't done this for ages. I felt like an art student again. This is where I started...being outside, drawing and painting what I could see and feel of the sea, the sky, the land. I just love it!

The act of mark making (drawing), tearing, sticking and painting in response to inspirational nature...that's what going on here at the moment.